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Now that you have chosen your offshore account, it is time to choose your offshore service. All our services provide the essential elements you need to manage your money effectively offshore.

Offshore Premier gives you the very best of benefits and services we offer. Offshore Advance offers a combination of reduced charges on transactions and preferential rates on selected savings accounts.

How to apply

Simply download an application form and complete by hand, alternatively you can request a call back and we will send you an application form. Before we can open your account we need you to send us a complete, signed application form, accompanied by your supporting documents. If you are applying for a joint account, we require signatures from all individual parties.Supporting documents you will need

  • Application form
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Existing bank statements

Please note:

Opening deposit instructions will be sent to you by email as soon as we receive your completed application form and supporting documents.
In some cases, we might send you an account officers name and address in your region to make payment to. This is to save cost on your end.

Thinking of opening your account with £60,000* or more.If so choose Offshore Premier our exclusive service, with no monthly fee.** It offers:• Premier Relationship Management team• Travel security and repatriation services with red24™

• Our best rates

An opening deposit of £7,000, £10,000, or £8,000 is required to setup this account

Offshore Advance is a new way of growing your money to help you get to where you want to be.• Dedicated team of Offshore Advance specialists• Travel security and repatriation services with red24™• Preferential rates

A monthly fee of £15^ applies.**

An opening deposit of £4,500, or £5,000, or £4,800 is required to setup this account

Our essential Offshore service provides you with:• Potential tax efficiency• Convenient, easy, international access• A safe haven for your money

A monthly fee of £25^ applies.

An opening deposit of £1,500, or £2,000, or £1,800 is required to setup this account

Are you eligible to apply?

Not all the products and services that you may be able to view via this site are available in certain countries. This site does not constitute an invitation to buy, or the solicitation of an offer to make deposits in any jurisdiction to any person to whom it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation in such jurisdiction. For guidance on specific countries, contact us.

**A monthly underfunding fee is payable for Offshore Advance and Offshore Premier customers in any given month where your Relationship Balance falls below the stated minimum. The monthly underfunding fee in addition to the monthly fee for Offshore Advance is £10^. The underfunding fee for Offshore Premier is £35^.

*or currency equivalent based on savings held with us or investments arranged through us.

^or currency equivalent.