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Bank Travel Insurance

Whether you’re off for a few days or a few weeks, getting a tan or getting active on the slopes, there’s an Unity Trust Bank Plc Travel Insurance policy that covers your world.

Get covered instantly!

Choose the travel insurance cover that suits you and get your policy confirmation instantly to your mobile phone.

You can choose from:

  • Single Trip Holiday Travel Insurance: A single policy for one off holidays.
  • Annual Holiday Travel Insurance: Multi-trip policy for the whole year.
  • Healthcare+ Travel Insurance: Healthcare+ is for individuals with suitable private health insurance with Hibernian Aviva Health, Quinn Healthcare or VHI. This policy is cheaper and ensures you don’t pay twice for cover you may already have!
  • Backpacker Travel Insurance: For long trips abroad from Ireland.
  • 65+ Travel Insurance: For people between 65 and 75 years.
  • Business Travel Insurance: For the needs of the business Traveller.

When travelling you can choose either a single trip or annual travel insurance cover. Both include exactly the same level of benefits so the choice is really about what kind of a Traveller you are.

You may be better off with an Annual Multi Trip Policy IF YOU…

  • Like to travel and will go abroad more than once in the next year.
  • Like to know that insurance cover is always active and don’t like the effort involved in buying cover for each trip.
  • Take several weeks holiday each year, some in Ireland and some abroad.
  • Travel both as a family group and individually.

You may be better off with Single Trip Travel Insurance IF YOU…

  • Only travel abroad once a year.
  • Have yet to decide if you’ll travel again this year.
  • Have a very tight budget and need this trip to be as cheap as possible.

All prices are inclusive of a 10% online discount.

Important / Regulatory Wording

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Terms and Conditions apply. Our Travel Insurance is arranged by our Insurance Services Limited and is underwritten by ACE European Group Limited.

Our Insurance Services Ltd. recommends that all customers ensure they take out adequate Travel Insurance for all foreign travel. Our Insurance Services considers this type of cover suitable for frequent Travellers.

Our Insurance Services is regulated by the Financial Regulator.